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Seller Services

  • 1. Needs Analysis
    • Help clarify the motivating reasons to sell
    • Determine the Seller’s timetable
  • 2. Pricing Strategy
    • Determine the best selling price strategy given current market conditions
    • Show resulting net sheet
  • 3. Property Preparation
    • Advise on repairs and improvements
    • Provide staging strategies
  • 4. Marketing Strategy
    • Develop marketing plan
    • Establish marketing timetable
  • 5. Receive an Offer
    • Evaluate offer(s)
  • 6. Negotiating to Sell
    • Negotiate counter offer(s)
    • Advise on final terms and conditions
  • 7. Sell
    • Prepare post-contract work list
    • Advise on repairs and vendor services
  • 8. Pre-close Preparation
    • Coordinate and supervise document preparation
    • Provide pre-closing consulting
  • 9. Closing
    • Review closing documents
    • Resolve last-minute items
    • Complete transaction
  • 10. Post Closing
    • Coordinate move-in
    • Assist with post-closing items