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We got the keys to the new home today. It is a huge relief. Mark and Jason have been a big help during the past 3 moths house hunting in a tough market. When we found the house and put in the offer, we felt a little upset since we won't go look at houses with Mark every weekend any more. We like to listen to Mark's comments on the houses, we learned a lot from him! He is totally a professional and an expert. With Mark's help we got our house at a very good deal. Our loan situation is very complicated because we don't want to sell our current home. Mark did fantastic job to keep the seller calm when the loan closing was delayed more than a week. With all the experience Mark has, he knows properties really well and stay calm when my hubby and I got really excited for some houses. We almost made the offers on 3 properties, but Mark intentionally or somehow looked inocently let us miss them. The first one I loved it to death because of the huge Zen feel back yard. Mark made it clear the house had a lot of issues from nothing was permitted to poor quality owner remodel work. After a lot of struggle, we didn't make the offer and the house was taken off the market; The second one my hubby really loved it because of the location. But I didn't really like it because of 3 huge historical goverment protected redwood trees in the back yard which took over almost the whole back yard. The house is so dark because of the trees and moss on the roof. My dogs won't have any space to run. Mark took the extreme route this time. We were supposed to make the offer and let the selling agent know before 12pm. But we couldn't reach Mark the whole morning and my hubby was really upset. We lost the house. Mark got lucky there was another house came on market 2 houses away in the morning the same day, so my hubby didn't explode. It wound up Mark didn't even make the offer because he didn't like the house and he knew I didn't like the house either. He kept the happy wife happy life concept in mind very well. The 3 house on the same location with the 2nd. I wanted to make the offer immediately without looking at any other houses any more because of the location. We were exhaused and thought we found the best location we could ever get. But Mark pointed out the lot is too narrow to do the renovation we want. He brought us to more houses and he wasn't done house hunting even we felt we were. Then we found the house we got the keys today. It's great location with more potential value increase, big lot and easy to add on. Both of us love it with no disagreement. It's been a very pleasent experience working with Mark and of course Jason, too. Even Mark's job is done now, but he is still helping us with home repair, remodling recommendations. He has a strong team, network behind him. He takes care of his clients as well as his team. Thank You!

Annie S. |
San Jose, CA

We have moved many times over the years so have had our fair share of realtors.  Our experience with Jason and Mark was exceptional.  

This time, we were moving 3000 miles into a  unknown area, so this was a high-stakes situation.  Before showing us any homes, they got to know us - our lifestyle, hobbies, and budget - and also gave us a thorough analytic overview of the area.  We toured areas and a few homes and narrowed our search to a few neighborhoods, but time ran out before we found anything that excited  us.

Then the magic happened.

Jason said that a relative had told him about a property that was for sale but currently off the market.  Jason used his realtor connections to arrange an unplanned showing.  I loved the home, but it turned out to be just above our price range.  One thing we really appreciated about Jason and Mark was their no-pressure approach: they were there to support us.  They even arranged a meeting with a financial planner to do a quick affordability check using all of the local tax data - very helpful!

Later that same week I exchanged emails with Jason to share a few properties that I liked that were "contingent".  "Can we still buy this?"  Jason reported that unfortunately, no, we couldn't.  Rats.

However, the next day Jason called to say that he saw that the properties in my emails were built by the same high quality builder.  He called the realtor for the builder to see if anything was coming up soon.  YES!  Jason sent photos and in the next 3 days we had negotiated a deal for a fabulous new home that was not yet on the market.  Thanks to a wonderful Wells Fargo banker who Jason and Mark recommended as great with a short timeline, we successfully closed and were in our lovely home in our preferred neighborhood 30 days later.  

Jason has remained a great resource, connecting me to people in my new town.  I highly recommend this team for expert,  personal, professional, and caring service.  We have worked with many realtors, and this was our best experience.

Barbara T. |
Baltimore, MD

My wife and I could not be more pleased with the level of service provided by both Mark Barber and Jason Noriega throughout our home-buying process.  This was our first home purchase...which meant overall uncertainty with regards to the SJ market, mortgages, interest rates, closing escrow, searching for homes, open houses, negotiation, making and countering offers, and everything else under the sun.  Needless to say, we were overwhelmed and anxious.  Referred by a mutual friend, Mark and Jason were heavily involved every step of the way.  While Jason was out of town, Mark promptly made time to sit down and kick off our initial meeting at his office to discuss the overall process and what to expect in the next few months.  As it turned out, our process ended up being only one month as the deal went smoothly and closed quickly.  They took us to various open houses on the weekend and explained what to look out for and where to focus our questions.  We loved one of the first homes we saw and submitted our first offer the next day.  Mark responded to calls and emails late into the night and first thing in the morning until the sellers accepted our offer (which can be a stressful time for us first time buyers).  Our first home offer was accepted!  Mark and Jason continued to help us in every step of the way during our 30 day escrow.  They were available whenever we had questions about inspections, disclosures, appraisal, and any concerns that arose.  Jason accompanied us during the final title company signing and we were off to our new home!  The relationship didn't end that day...Mark and Jason have continued to keep in contact and continue to answer our amateur home-owner questions...anything from electrician referrals to landscaping questions to what to do about pesky neighbors.  Very excited to be supported by these experts and can't wait now to build up some equity and see what's next as we expand our family and look to upgrade!  Thanks guys.

Brian J. |
San Jose, CA

I have worked with Mark and Jason to sell my own townhouse, to buy a house and I have referred several of my clients to them.  Quite simply, they were fantastic to work with.  They take the time to understand your needs and work with you to address them.  There is no rush to a decision and they are not simply out to make a commission like many realtors out there.  They are completely professional, trustworthy and top notch at what they do.  I have recommended them to others and will continue to recommend them in the future.

Brian L. |
San Jose, CA

After a failed home selling/buying transaction last year with a previous realty group, my husband and I were very hesitant to start the process all over again. However, after noticing houses were selling like hot cakes around us, we decided to look into it again. I personally didn't feel ready to go back into the battlefield, but everything changed when we met with Jason to discuss our options. His calming demeanor and desire to support us, as the customers, confirmed that he was the right choice for our home selling/buying needs. He quickly became aware of the terrible experience we had gone through and assured us that he would do everything possible to make this new experience the complete opposite. Indeed, he kept his word.

Though home buying/selling is never without some kind of turbulence, the outcomes were exactly as we wished. We sold our house very, very quickly and purchased a home that we LOVE. Thanks to Jason's expertise in this field, we were able to achieve what we had wanted all along, and for this, I am forever thankful.

I would strongly recommend that you give Jason and Mark a call if you're still not convinced that they can take care of you. I guarantee that you will feel at ease the moment you make that first connection. I know there are a lot of realtors out there that you can choose from, but very few sincerely care about the folks they are working with :)

Clara A. |
Campbell, C

Having only bought three houses in my lifetime, I had limited expectations regarding the manner in which I would interact with a real estate agent, or what the agent would be able to do on my behalf.  I had considered my previous agents to be competent, both having helped me stumble through the process of purchasing a home.  Based on my experiences with them, I was therefore a bit shocked at the level of service that was provided by Jason and Mark.

I met them through a mutual friend, and they immediately made an impression.  Rather than asking how much I had to spend and where I wanted to live (quite reasonable questions, and ones I myself would probably ask), they started by asking me what lifestyle I was looking for, what I wanted for my family, and where I saw myself in the future.  They then showed me a broad range of houses and townhomes, and based on my feedback, began to narrow in on styles and locations.  

Their knowledge of real estate in the area was most impressive.  Not only were they able to share the history and development of most of the areas for which I had an interest, they were also able to provide the guidance necessary to assess my opportunities with a very critical eye.  For example, we walked into one property and they made comment on a particular type of tree that was growing in the backyard, warning me that this particular tree attracted bees.  In another situation, when we walked into a property, they mentioned that the floor sloped downward ever so slightly, indicating a problem with the foundation - I never would have picked it up.  In one property, after walking across the floor and seeing it "bounce", they noted that it would require some work.  All of these insights allowed me to determine the "true" cost of moving into a home.

I finally narrowed down my choice to two homes, and they were able to help clarify what I was really looking for in the home.  I eventually made my choice, and - as most of us probably do - I've been reviewing my decision, trying to determine whether I made the right choice.  In doing so, I've found that I've never doubted my decision.  They prepared me so well during the entire process that I'm more convinced today that I made the right choice than I was when I signed on the dotted line.  And speaking of which, during the house closing - which happened after hours to accommodate my schedule - they showed up, together with my mortgage broker, to review the documents and clarify each as I was signing them.  And now that I'm getting ready to move in, they've assisted with contractors, builders, cleaners, and pretty much any other resource that I need to make the transition a smooth one.  

Perhaps the most telling anecdote I can share is one I learned from my interactions with other realtors.  Jason and Mark suggested I also look at several open houses to help narrow down on my preferences.  Without fail, as I introduced myself to the realtor holding the open house, and mentioned that I was working with Jason and Mark, their faces lit up and without fail said "they're great to work with".  

Needless to say, I'm now sharing my experience with each and every person with whom I work that is showing an interest in buying a home.  I normally would not do that, given that I wouldn't want to be on the hook if my co-worker had a bad experience, but I'm so confident in their value that I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them.

Greg D. |
San Jose, CA

Mark was simply amazing during our home search this year!  He was extremely thorough and patient in regards to every aspect of purchasing.  He went above and beyond any other realtor I have ever dealt with.  One of the most helpful things about Mark is that he has a solid network of resources to pull from.  Whether it was helping us choose a mortgage broker or assisting us with a contractor for some updates we had to do on our home, he was right there holding our hands.  

Mark is an established real estate professional that will listen to you, create a strategic plan (whether buying or selling) and make sure you're comfortable with every move along the way.  We will be clients for life!

Joilene H. |
San Jose, CA

Mark knows the SJ/Cupertino/Campbell area exceptionally well. He is a rare breed that actually listens to you and what you want. Having gone through a number of other agents (some of whom never left their office), we were very fortunate to have found Mark. He found us the perfect home in the perfect location and we can't  be happier.

In addition, Mark is there for you after the sale. He has a fantastic list of home repair professionals and recommendations he's collected, and again, each one we've used has been top notch.

Mark is a rare breed, and excellent resource, and a complete professional.

JR C. |
San Jose, CA

This was our second time working with Jason and our first with Mark.  Mark and Jason worked relentlessly to help us sell our old house as well as find and purchase our new home.  They are consummate professionals through and through, and they can be reached at all hours via text or email.  Mark and Jason had a flawless marketing plan that truly worked well for us with perfect timing.  We highly recommend Mark and Jason.  They are, by far, the best team in Silicon Valley--simply superb!

K L. |
Saratoga, CA

Mark recently helped me buy my first home. He is not only knowledgable, but extremely patient, detailed, and personable. He carried me through the long process of writing 5 offers from beginning to end. I highly recommend him. His experience and care for people is obvious!

Laura P. |
Campbell, C

I cannot say enough great things about Mark and Jason! We are veterans at buying and selling homes and have worked with many relators and M & J are at the top of our list! They were professional, organized, on top of everything and very easy to be around! The entire experience of preparing our home and selling it was enjoyable and exceeded our expectations! They were prepared from our first meeting the entire process. They were always available when we needed them. They did their homework and guided us along with way with listing our home,  how to prepare it to show well, and negotiating! Their efforts paid off as we sold our home quickly and received a price that exceeded our expectations! You cannot ask for a  better team to represent you and work along side you as you buy or sell your home!

Lisa T. |
Campbell, CA

Jason and Mark were recommended to us by our financial planner, who told us that he had worked with them personally in the past. We decided to give them a call and are so glad we did. In the beginning, we really weren't sure what we were looking for in a house, but Jason spent almost every Saturday morning for a few months driving us around to different properties so we could really understand the market, the different neighborhoods, and what features we were looking for in a home. We never felt pressured by him or like we were taking up too much of his time. Once we found a house we were ready to make an offer on, they both helped us move really quickly and provided excellent advice so that our offer was the winning offer (of 5 or 6 others). Now that we have closed on our house, I'm still in touch with Jason, as he hooks me up with recommendations for handymen, pest control, cleaners, and other resources. I'm really glad that we worked with Mark and Jason. They were with us through every step of the process and we are thrilled with our new house.

Mary J. |
Mountain View, CA

Mark is awesome! He's very dedicated and professional. Most importantly, he knows a lot of resources, which is very helpful for us as first time home buyers.

He and his business partner, Jason, are very familiar with Santa Clara County. We were looking in between City of Santa Clara and Mountain View. At our very first meeting, Mark prepared a folder to explain the home purchase process. This helped us set a right expectation, which we found was very important down the road.

Mark is not pushy at all. He told us at the very beginning that only we knew the right time for us, so if anything came up and we decided not to buy a home, that would totally be fine with him. Just be open about it.

Both Mark and Jason are very responsive. They led us every step along the way. Since we were on a timelilne, they were very flexible and took us out searching every other weekend for a couple months, and some weekday evenings as well when we requested.

We had a little bumps during the closing stage, but every time Mark dealt with it calmly and professionally, and all the problems were nicely settled.

Overall, we couldn't be happier that we had Mark as our agent!

Mendy and Michel

Mendy M. |
Santa Clara, CA

As proud first-time homeowners, we owe tremendous thanks to Mark and Jason.  They are a great team.  From the start to finish of the process, and even beyond, they have been attentive, helpful, professional, and knowledgeable.  

We were curious how it would be working with a pair of realtors, rather than an individual, but it seems to have a lot of advantages.  There was always someone available for questions, and they were able to give different perspectives on the same property which was helpful.  

We only bid on two houses (unusual in today's market,) but both times Jason and Mark took us through the steps carefully and made sure we had the information necessary to make a competitive offer.  Our first offer was due right before Christmas, yet even during the busy holiday season, both Jason and Mark made us feel that we were their priority.

You'll be glad you chose to work with this excellent team!

Molly R. |
San Jose, CA

Jason Noriega was an awesome realtor!  He helped us every step of the way.  We were first time home buyers and Jason really helped us to understand the process and provided us a lot of great recommendations on houses in our area.  We ended up in a house that we absolutely love!!

I would definitely recommend Jason Noriega!

Nikkie U. |
San Jose, CA

My husband and I were in a hurry to start looking at homes after we were preapproved for our loan. Our broker recommended Mark and I just went with him because I didn't feel we had that much time to interview lots of people, and we were new in the area so we didn't really know who to talk to. I don't know if it was the smartest move to just go with whoever, but thankfully Mark turned out to be a great agent and I'm happy we went with him.

This was going to be our first home and we honestly didn't know what to expect with the home buying process. I mean we read books and stuff but we didn't REALLY know what we were supposed to do. I'm one of those people who ask a lot of questions before I do anything and over the course of the whole process I probably asked Mark and his business partner Jason at least a couple hundred questions ranging from what to look for in a home, how we know the house is a "good house", to how to close escrow. They were always willing to answer my questions. Mark likes to talk and he often tells you stories about his past experiences with buying and selling that help you understand the process a little better.

Even though Mark and Jason are busy, they are available and like another yelper said they are really responsive in terms of calling or emailing you back. One thing I really appreciate about them is that they follow through and follow up. Even after we closed, they didn't just abandon us. They helped get in touch with the fumigation company and a couple of contractors for us because we wanted some work done on our place. And they helped us sort out a bunch of escrow related stuff after we closed.  5 stars for great service and a great home buying experience!

Phoebe Y. |
San Jose, CA

My husband and I have known Mark Barber since 2006 when we bought our first home.  At the time we were inexaperienced and needed someone who could help us understand the market, financing and how to find the sweet spot between what we wanted in a home and what we could practically afford.  Mark showed us more than sixty homes and helped us write three offers.  Throughout the process he was  available, persistent, and unfailingly supportive. At closings he showed particular expertise; we were nervous and he was in the zone!  I put a lot of stock in seeking business partners who exhibit a strong character and Mark has always lived up to our faith in him.  As has been mentioned in other reviews, Mark has a great roster of contractors and other professionals who renovate and repair homes and landscapes and we have called on him often for referrals--always top notch.  Mark sometimes says "You can't do a bad deal with a good guy" and I agree.  Mark is the best "good guy" I know.

Rebecca S. |
Redwood City, CA

You will not find better realtors.

We worked with Mark for a very, very long time to find the right home. I think we really challenged him at times but he was always so kind and patient with us. He really wanted to make sure that we got the absolutely perfect home for our family and in the end it really is the perfect home.
Mark was our advocate, he made sure that we were aware of everything and he asked the hard questions that perhaps we wouldn't know to ask. He worked really hard to make sure we stayed within our budget and got a very high quality home and an amazing neighborhood with great schools. We never felt like clients but like friends.

I would say if you are looking for someone who is extremely knowledgeable and who really works for you, Mark is your man.
And now a few words about Jason. Well he's pretty awesome as well. We got to work with him a few times when Mark was not available and he too had a lot of expertise and was really kind an patient. They are two peas in a pod and both worked hard for us.

I think we struck gold when we met Mark. I would highly recommend him and his team.

Rosalie F. |
San Jose, CA

Jason and Mark are the realtor dream team! We had a large property to sell for development through an estate and they were definitely the right guys for our property. It turned out to be quite a lengthy ordeal (3.5 years!!) but they stood by me every step of the way. Anytime I had questions they were always available. I was new to the real estate process when we initially listed the property, but they never made me feel inadequate or uneducated about the process. In fact, I felt so comfortable with them they now feel like family. Their attention to detail, tenacity and great work ethic really shows through their work. There is no listing too big or small- Jason and Mark are the perfect team to handle all of your real estate needs!

Sarah S. |
Santa Rosa, CA

Mark and Jason both sold our prior house and led us to our new home purchase.

Selling: They did a great job in evaluating the market and determining what price we would could hope to see.  They have a close referral team they work with for inspections and fixups, which lets you focus on your part of the process. They did a great job staging our house themselves, with a result that made us wonder why we didn't live with the house that way to begin with. We were tremendously happy with the outcome of our sale, and we feel that their representation went a long way to make that happen.

Buying: Mark is great at walking through a house with you and telling you the  pros and cons (and possible costs) of things you never thought about.
We had a very tricky/stressful purchase (seller issues) and Mark was there every step of the way providing daily feedback and going beyond the call of duty with interacting with all parties involved in the problems.  It eventually worked out, where I think other realtors would have given up, and we got our dream house in the location we wanted during a tough market.  

They are a fanatasic team to work with.  Mark really develops a bond that keeps going after the sale.  He recently stopped by to say hi, and helped me steer away from a contractor that was about to do unnecessary work.

Great team to have on your side!

Stuart B. |
San Jose, CA

Jason Noriega and Mark Barber are a great team!  We just recently sold our house and are very grateful to have been represented by such professionals.  They truly embody "the man with a plan" concept from start to finish.

From the first time they walked through our house they started formulating the plan for getting it sold under the best circumstances possible.  They were essential in guiding us through the home inspections and from there compiling the list of priorities as far as what we would repair or remodel before we went to market.  They have many resources in the community as far as contractors, etc.  They are happy to have you manage the projects yourself, but they would also happily manage the projects for you if you prefer to do things that way.  Their staging and marketing of the house was top notch, it was really quite amazing to see our house from before to after.  They are great with spacing furniture and bringing in just the right pieces to accent a homes best qualities.  The flyers were beautiful and they really do have a whole marketing process with your house as the product.  The open houses were hugely successful and our neighbors all had very positive interactions with Jason at them.  They were very helpful at guiding us through the multiple offers and have been great with the buyers and their agent.  

They are great communicators, quick to reply back to a text or email, happy to answer any question, thorough at preparing you for every possible twist and turn/think through every possible scenario.  

Above all, they have a strong moral compass and a high work ethic.  Never once did I get a feeling that something fishy was going on or that something might not be done correctly or legally or feel that I would ever have to question the transactions or that something may come back to haunt me someday.  Knowing and witnessing this about Mark and Jason has been very reassuring that we chose the right team of professionals to represent and guide us through this process.

Wendy J. |
San Jose, CA